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"Innocence" is episode 14 of season two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was written and directed After making love with Buffy, Angel is racked with pain as his soul is ripped from him. In the Later, as they discuss Angel's transformation in the library, Buffy realises that having sex with Angel is what caused him to turn evil. Buffy and Angel became increasing intimate and passionate with each. When the prospect of sex entered their relationship, Buffy was certain that they would.

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By Faetaur - 08:58
Spike, Angel, and all the others were the embodiment of unbridled, kinky, sadomasochistic sex for a heavily female and LGBTQ audience.
By Tugor - 08:15
Most clearly, Buffy is punished for her emerging sexuality when she sleeps with Angel: he literally loses his soul and becomes evil. Buffy's first.
By Faegami - 18:06
10 Times Buffy and Angel Completely Destroyed Your Soul Anyone who's been in love can relate to the feeling of sex as a spiritual refuge.
By Kenos - 13:50
January 19, a night that teenage dreams are made of. Buffy Summers lost her virginity to her then-lover, Angel, a vampire with a soul.
By Arall - 09:31
Buffy and Angel have a twisted, tortured, star-crossed romance that suffers in the sex department. However, because they can't physically have.

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